A Peyton Original

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Cafe Chats

Peyton is a prolific 5-year-old artist. She rarely uses colouring sheets generated and mass produced by the adult world. Instead, she almost always begins with a blank canvas, usually white paper, to express how she feels and relates to the world.

Peyton gifts many of her drawings to others who, like me, feel honoured to receive a Peyton original.

I love this picture Peyton drew of a tree. In it I sensed her relationship to trees as friend. The bright sun in the sky, the plant waiting to sprout up from beneath the earth, and colourful branches spread wide like a hug sparked feelings of joy, acceptance, and a sense of kinship with the natural world.

Reflection Question:

I often hear adults refer to the work or words of children as ‘cute’. But is Peyton’s picture just ‘cute’?

What words would you use to capture the depth of spirit, thinking, artistic knowledge, and emotional expression in Peyton’s picture?