Think outside the boxes!

The Early Learning *Live* Cafe offers a variety of virtual spaces for learning, collaboration, networking, resource sharing and much more. Our virtual spaces are much more inviting than the boxes you are familiar with using.

Just like an in-person space, our rooms can contain the things you need for your gathering. Sometimes it is a video to share, sometimes a whiteboard, sometimes a list or key questions for the conversation. And most important, meetings are fun again!

Each room is specifically designed for the type of gathering.

The door you just opened leads to our Co-Working Café. This is a space where you can gather with others who are preparing for their work in a kindergarten, preschool, daycare … or for another day with children as a parent or caregiver. If you find someone in the Café that you want to chat with, just pop into one of the side rooms. And use the whiteboard if you need it. There are also optional cafe sounds and music from Radio Paradise (for your private listening).

If you want to explore these virtual spaces here at Early Learning Live Café, you will need to be signed in with your free user account. Click the button below to either log in or create an account. The free Co-Working Café is a great place to start. You never know who you might find there!