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Environments that Support Risk Taking – Module 1

is rooted in an Online Conversation held with Susan Stacey at Early Learning Café. This Community of Learning module is the first of a four-part series about risk-taking in early learning programs, environments and classrooms.

In Module 1 we think deeply about what it means to:

  • play it safe
  • think critically
  • seek alternative perspectives

This series has been updated in 2020 to include what we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic as a part of risk-taking in early learning environments. While we are past the pandemic risks, these learnings still apply to issues related to safety risks in our early learning environments. 

Susan Stacey is an author of several professional books. She is an educator, college professor, presenter, and early childhood consultant.

This module includes:

  1. Two video presentations
  2. Reflective exercises that relate ideas from the video to your unique experiences and contexts
  3. Additional information and resources for further study

Using this module with a learning group

This community of learning module is suitable for individual learning. In addition, this module is adaptable to on-line or in-person group professional learning. When used by a group, whether meeting face-to-face or online, each participant will need writing tools to write and/or complete the PDF reflections and print their responses to the questions for use with the group.

Facilitators will need to preview this course to determine whether or not, in their context, some of the reflection tools or resources will need to be printed for participants before coming together as a group. For convenience, all the resource materials are available under the Materials tab above. 

How much time does this module take? 

This module offers 45-90 minutes of professional learning.

If used with an in-person or virtual learning group, the time is flexible based on group discussion time and time alloted for completing individual reflections.

Live Wrap-up Session with Susan Ramsay

The last step of this course is to join a live conversation about the course material with Susan Ramsay and other participants. The schedule for these live sessions is available here and is also provided in the Wrap-Up topic at the end of the course.

Terms of use: 

This module is copyrighted by Early Learning Café. Each purchase entitles the purchaser unlimited access for educational purposes within their organization and is not to be shared electronically. Business-for-profit use is prohibited. See Terms of Use for details.


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