Dino Dig

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Cafe Chats

The school doors flew open as children erupted onto the playground. Several children chased one another across the open field…. then stopped dead in their tracks. There, beneath their feet, the parched, sun-baked earth had exposed something that looked very much like dinosaur bones! In an instant, the children knew they were on an archeological dig. Their voices grew loud with excitement, then softer as they settled into a sense of wonder about what kind of dinosaur they had found, made guesses about which bones they were seeing… and contemplated the mystery of dinosaurs that must have lived on their very own school yard.

They even found a dinosaur tooth…. though one of the more contemplative children in the group expressed doubt that a dinosaur tooth could actually be so small.


Study the pictures and the body language you see captured in these dino dig photos. Brainstorm the lifelong skills these children are growing through this spontaneous play.

To help you brainstorm consider:

  • The inspirations of their play
  • The tools of their play
  • Their interactions and communication with one another
  • The interplay of knowledge and imagination
  • Individual versus group theory-making and problem-solving
  • Community building

How many lifelong skills are in your list?

If each skill represents one meter of height, what kind of dinosaur would be as tall?

Handy Dino Height Guide:

  • Velociraptor (1-2 meters)
  • T-Rex (4-6 meters)
  • Brontosaurus (8-9 meters)
  • Brachiosaurus (12-13 meters)