Drawing as Thinking – featuring Debi Keyte‑Hartland

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Each module in this five-part series invites educators to re-visit their assumptions and beliefs about children’s drawing, and to apply their insights uniquely to their work with young children.

Five-module series

Drawing As Thinking Module 1 Graphic

CL4a-Drawing as Thinking: Module 1

In Drawing as Thinking Part 1, we begin to explore the experience and purpose of drawing to children. We also consider how our beliefs and assumptions about drawing impacts children and our teaching practice.

Drawing as Thinking - Drawing as Language

CL4b-Drawing as Thinking: Module 2

In this second Drawing as Thinking module, Debi invites us to think more deeply about drawing as a language that is spoken with hands.

Drawing as Thinking: Theorists

CL4c-Drawing as Thinking: Module 3

In this third Drawing as Thinking module, we focus on the influence of developmental stage theorists on current teaching practice.

Drawing as Thinking: Theory Drawing

CL4d-Drawing as Thinking: Module 4

In this fourth module, Debi offers insights into how educators can deepen children’s wonderings and theory making through something she calls 'theory drawing'.

Drawing as Thinking - Joy

CL4e-Drawing as Thinking: Module 5

In this final module of Drawing as Thinking we focus on the pleasures of drawing, and how educators can tap into these pleasures and motivate children to draw.