Introducing Early Learning LIVE Café

by | Apr 4, 2024 | News

As an early learning professional, I know that our work can feel isolating even when you are working with other staff and amazing children. Sometimes you need to connect to a source of ideas and inspiration. Sometimes, you just need to talk to somebody else who “gets it.” Sometimes, you need to have a conversation with others that share your approach, pedagogy and view of children. 

That’s why we are introducing Early Learning Live Café. We are using a very cool new platform that combines website design and online meeting features to create beautiful virtual spaces. Most of our spaces will be available 24/7 for our members. The image you see above is the actual audio-video meeting space. Check it out now.

We are offering these virtual gathering spaces for learning, collaboration, resource sharing … and whatever else our members can dream up! Your feedback will help us co-create our Live Cafe.

We also know that money is scarce in the early learning education world.

That’s why many of my offerings at Early Learning Café are completely free.

Now your free subscription includes: 

  • Articles, book reviews, invitations, storymaking, podcasts

  • Online conversations with me and other guest ECE leaders

  • Live, interactive spaces for co-working, sharing resources and preparation. 

Including our FREE CO-WORKING CAFÉ — a virtual coffee shop open 24/7 where you can drop in to prepare for you work with children with others close by. Pop over to a one-to-one chat table for a private conversation. Share a resource. Brainstorm an idea. Absolutely free. 

Drop in often. Open up the co-working space whenever you are doing your work planning. Let’s create a supportive, collaborative and engaging community of early learning professionals that is there for us anytime, anywhere.