ELC Online Conversation Meeting Space

(also known as RingCentral Meetings)

This Café is a recommended as preparation
for all Online Conversation Cafés

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Get ready to participate in an Online Conversation Café using our video conferencing meeting space

Join this free Community of Learning Café and complete all the sessions to learn how to:

  • navigate your ELC Membership Account
  • make sure your equipment meets the requirements for an Online Conversation
  • learn how to use our video-conferencing application

(This Café is a recommended for all Online Conversation Cafés)

Early Learning Café is a virtual gathering place for early learning educators. There are two formats for our cafés: Online Conversations and Communities of Learning.

  • Online Conversations include real-time conversation among facilitators and participants. In our Online Conversation Meeting Space, we engage with early learning experts,  and with each other in breakout rooms — small group conversations where we explore topics, discuss ideas and reflect together in real time.
  • Communities of Learning are “off-line” — allowing participants to watch videos, access resource material and respond to reflection questions — all on your own time at at your own pace.

Since Online Conversations include live video conferencing, we require that participants have the minimum technical equipment for video conferencing and become familiar with the video platform we use prior to enrolling in an Online Conversation.

As you work your way through the following sessions in this Community of Learning you will:

  • Ensure that you have a computer that meets the minimum requirements
  • Make sure you have completed your Early Learning Café account profile
  • Download the RingCentral Meetings application used for video conferencing
  • Test the RingCentral Meetings application on your computer
  • Complete your first Early Learning Café Reflection

Approximate time to complete this Café: less than 30 minutes

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