CL2Pkg-Environments that Support Risk Taking: Three Module Bundle

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This series of learning modules is rooted in an Online Conversation held with Susan Stacey at Early Learning Café. These modules help your community of learning explore risk-taking in early learning programs, environments and classrooms.

Susan Stacey is an author of several professional books. She is an educator, college professor, presenter, and early childhood consultant.

This series has been updated in 2020 to include thinking about COVID-19 as a part of risk-taking in early learning environments.

Each module includes:

  1. Video presentation
  2. Leader’s Guide that is a companion to the video. The Leader’s Guide supports an educator, pedagogical leader, teacher trainer, staff manager, or teacher of teachers to engage with others in group learning.

This package gives you access to the following modules to use on your own or with a learning group:

Module 1: In the FREE Community of Learning module, we think deeply about what it means to: play it safe, think critically and seek alternative perspectives.

Module 2: In this Community of Learning module, we explore what it means to: take risks with flexibility in our responses, find ways to say ‘yes’ to children, and value disequilibrium in our practice.

Module 3: In this Community of Learning module, we consider how the words we use to describe spaces reflect and shape our practice.

Module 4: In this Community of Learning module, we think deeply about: ways in which materials themselves prompt children’s explorations and discoveries, how we question and wonder with children, and creating brave spaces with and for children in early learning contexts.

Please do not purchase this package if you have already purchased one or more of the paid modules for Environments that Support Risk Taking.