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As educators we talk a lot about inclusion and belonging. Yet rarely do we talk about democracy in early learning programs and classrooms. In Democratic Spaces for Early Learning we explore ways of practicing and fostering democratic principles with young children, guided in this journey by Suzanne Axelsson, educator, university professor, presenter, and early childhood consultant from Stockholm, Sweden.

This package gives you access to the following modules to use on your own or with a learning group:

Module 1: Thinking deeply about what democracy means in our work with young children, and how to analyze early learning spaces with a lens for democracy.

Module 2: Paying attention to the ways we communicate with children. We explore how the very way we engage in conversations with children teaches them how power is shared or not shared.

Module 3: We consider how to listen to children regardless of their language skills, and how we teach children to listen to one another.

Module 4: We analyze equality and equity. With this lens we explore how to empower children by: Focusing on what children CAN do; Teaching children how to show empathy for others; Creating opportunities for children to make choices that consider others.

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