CL4e-Drawing as Thinking: Module 5


Why do some children love to draw while other children seem to avoid it? In this final module of Drawing as Thinking we focus on the pleasures of drawing, and how educators can tap into these pleasures and motivate children to draw.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

This Drawing as Thinking series has been developed in response to an online conversation with Debi Keyte-Hartland. Each module in this five-part series invites educators to re-visit their assumptions and beliefs about children’s drawing, and to apply their insights uniquely to their work with young children.

In this final module of Drawing as Thinking, Debi invites us to consider what motivates children to draw. She prompts us to think about the pleasure children experience through drawing and the ways educators can support children’s joy, learning, and stories through drawing.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.