CL4Pkg-Drawing as Thinking – Five Module Bundle

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As educators we often think of drawing as an activity, a skill, or a pastime. We make sure children have drawing materials, tools, and designated spaces to ‘do art’. Less often, however, do we consider ‘What is drawing?’ or ‘What does drawing mean to this child?”

This package gives you access to the following modules to use on your own or with a learning group:

Module 1: Educators’ beliefs and assumptions about drawing shape children's experiences of drawing and mark-making. We consider our personal perspectives, and explore the idea of  drawing as a language children use to express their ideas, feelings and relationship within the world.

Module 2:  Drawing materials and tools influence what and how children draw and think. We explore multimodal approaches to drawing that help children express their observations and experiences of the world around them.

Module 3: Developmental drawing theorists have greatly influenced pedagogy.  We critically consider drawing theories of the past as well as recent research to analyze our current teaching practice.

Module 4: Through drawing and mark-making children's thinking becomes visible. We consider how to prompt children's 'theory drawings' and how to intentionally chose drawing materials that support children's theory-making too.

Module 5: The pleasures of drawing are diverse. We explore what makes drawing joyful to children, and strategies educators can use to motivate children to draw.


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