Shaving Foam at Play

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Cafe Chats

It was January and snow covered the playground. There had been several ‘snow days’ when busses had been cancelled and many children had recently experienced the power of soft, silent snow on their lives.

It was in this context that we offered shaving foam as an invitation to the children.

Reflection Questions:

This invitation was, of course, a sensorial experience. The foam’s feel, smell, sight and even its sound squirting from the can, drew the wide-eyed excitement of children like they were about to walk out onto a blanket of freshly fallen snow.

But was it more than a sensorial experience?

  • Start by studying the photo, and taking an inventory of all the tools and resources you notice offered in this invitation.
  • Notice each child separately. What questions and/or discoveries do you imagine each child is exploring?
  • Now focus on the children as a group – a group who has been invited to make space for themselves and others, to share tools, discoveries, and emotions. What might these children be learning about themselves, others and what it means to be a community through this experience?


  1. In what ways can shaving foam (and other sensorial experiences), offer children multi-layered learning experiences that are unique as snowflakes?
  1. What questions should we as educators crystalize in our minds before we offer an invitation like this to children?
  1. How does documenting children in the flow of their play help us as educators?