Staging Early Learning Spaces for Program Success

by | Apr 13, 2024 | General

Kelly Mills Kallin

An online conversation with Kelly Mills Kallin, Preschool Teacher and Atelierista from Stockholm Sweden

Date:  May 4, 2024
Length: 2 hours
Time: 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. (Toronto) /
1500 -1700 (Stockholm)

Cost:  $39.00 $5.00 CAD
(limited enrollment – register today)

The atelier is a place of wonder and exploration where we can make meaningful connections between each other, different materials and ideas.

Nature and its ability to transform is always present as an inspiration and helps guide us in the exploration of understanding the world. In my work sustainability is an important value both to teach and practice. I use the environment as the third teacher and have made pedagogical staging my main method to create invitations and provocations that help children engage in my educational program.

So let me tell you more about how I engage children in early learning through aesthetic staging, sensory play, meaning making, togetherness, all within the world of color and the arts.

In this Online Conversation, we will discuss:


  • Creating early learning environments that are inspired by nature and the arts.
  • How changing the environment can impact children’s behaviour
  • Engaging children in meaning-making through thoughtfully curated and aesthetically staged loose parts.
  • Working as a responsive educator within these beautiful spaces in ways that help children discover their world and experience a sense of belonging and well-being in early learning programs.

Kelly Mills Kallin

Kelly Mills Kallin is a pre-school teacher and atelierista from Sweden who has worked in pre-schools since 2009 in a variety of programs in and around Stockholm. For eight years now, Kelly has been working in socio-economically troubled areas with a high immigration rate where most of the children do not have Swedish as their native language. It was when she started working in these areas that Kelly understood the importance of the Reggio Emilia approach and of understanding children through the lens of 100 languages.

Art has always played a big part in Kelly’s life. She planned on going to arts school but instead discovered how she could weave art into all aspects of children’s learning through explorations of different materials. In 2018 this understanding grew when she visited Reggio Emilia and, after that experience, she decided to become an atelierista.

Kelly believes the atelier studio should have a central place in every pre-school and be accessible to children all the time. The atelier is a place where young learners can make their mark and express themselves. It’s a place for them to explore different phenomena in diverse ways. It’s an inclusive space for all children.

To learn more, watch the short interview with Kelly above.