What Lights You Up?

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Articles, Book Reviews, Front Page

It’s the last week of June. Summer has officially arrived and many of us feel the anticipation of a summer break, or a change in our regular routines. I don’t know if it’s true for you, but I often associate summer with reading. I anticipate relaxing in a comfy outdoor chair, with a chorus of birds singing in the background as I dive into a book that has captured my curiosity or imagination.

I know that both fiction and non-fiction reading impact me as an educator. Like holding a kaleidoscope to my mind’s eye, books and articles colourfully reshape my focus. The ideas, perspectives, or insights from writers cause me to shift a little in how I see the world and how I see myself in relation to those with whom I work and live.

What lights you up
What lights you up
What lights you up

I recently read a novel called “The Island of Sea Women” by Lisa See. Through its gripping tale I learned of the Haenyeo people on Jeju Island – a society and way of life that I hadn’t previously known. But the tale gave me more than new knowledge. It prompted me to think more deeply about what makes or breaks community; whether forgiveness is synonymous with acceptance; and what love looks and feels like within families, work relationships and between friends.

What we read reveals our curiosities and interests.  Whether we read books, graphic novels, magazines, or seek out information online about sports, food, music, nature, the arts, pet care, parenting, or something else, our reading choices point to what we care about… and what we care about has an important place in our work with children. When we share what lights us up with the children in our programs, we ignite a fire of curiosity for them too.  When we find ways to share our interests, strengths and wonderings with children, our work becomes more meaningful.

 A summer of good reads await us. What will you be reading?